Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Numbers and Letters

Inspired by this week's Only Connect, I thought I'd make a list of letters and the smallest number they appear in when written in English, starting from one (or zero):

A: one hundred and one (or one thousand, if you don't like using "and")
B: one billion
C: one octillion
D: one hundred
E: one (or zero)
F: four
G: eight
H: three
I: five
J: never happens
K: never happens
L: eleven
M: one million
N: one
O: one (or zero)
P: one septillion
Q: one quadrillion
R: three (or zero)
S: six
T: two
U: four
V: five
W: two
X: six
Y: twenty
Z: never happens, unless you get to "one zillion" (or zero)

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