Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Javascript Speed Tests

Every so often I think about changing the browser that I routinely use. For the last five years or so I've been using Camino, first on my PowerBook, and now on my MacBook.

Today I decided to try the sunspider-0.9.1 Javascript benchmark on a variety of browsers that I have to hand, and here are the results:

  Camino   2.0.6        3085.3ms
  Chrome   10.0.648.134  319.0ms
  Firefox  3.6.15       1014.6ms
  Firefox  4.0           313.8ms
  Opera    11.01         347.9ms
  Safari   5.0.4         333.7ms

So it seems I am currently using the browser with the slowest Javascript performance (by a factor of almost 10x), and although I've become very used to Camino, maybe it's time to consider a switch (again).

Update 2011-03-22: Added in Firefox 4.0 (which is the current leader, and means that all the alternatives are about 10x faster than Camino in this test).