Thursday, August 21, 2008

Walk On The Wild (River) Side

On Sunday I did the Sea Mills Circular Walk. Unfortunately the web-site for it only tells you that the leaflet for it is currently out of print.

So I checked out possible routes on the Ordnance Survey site and I've made the following Google Earth path of the route we followed, which is surprisingly rural, despite the fact it is in the middle of a city.

Route: Google Earth | Google Maps

My Perl script that measures the length of Google Earth paths says this route is 4.13 miles long (6.64 km).

We parked at the Combe Dingle car park of Blaise Castle, and the route through the Blaise Castle estate can be varied if you want to do a bit more, or visit the café, toilets, playground or museum.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bicycle Race

I've been watching The Man Who Cycled The World (10:45pm, BBC1, Monday - Thursday this week), a 4 part documentary about Mark Beaumont and his attempt to break the world record for cycling around the world.

In it, Mark Beaumont, sets out to cycle 18,000 miles around the world, averaging 100 miles a day. He appears to have little outside support, carrying a tent and often sleeping by the side of the road. He is also carrying video, audio and photographic equipment to keep a record of his trip and a laptop and GPS equipment. Every so often a camera crew is able to meet up with him to check he is still alive.

So far (after the first two parts) he had made 6,000 miles, is on schedule, and has travelled through various countries (starting in France, through Europe to Turkey and then through Iran and Pakistan to India), and has had to cope with equipment failure, illness and trying to stick to a vegetarian diet - particularly difficult during Ramadan, when it's hard to get food of any description during daylight hours.

I am utterly in awe of his achievement. Not only does he appear to be amazingly fit and able to keep going whatever fate throws at him, he seems to be amazingly cheerful all the time.

If you've missed it it's on the BBC's iPlayer for a week.