Thursday, August 13, 2009

Harrumble! "Bleak Expectations" Series 3

I have recently been re-enjoying the first two series of the rather excellent Bleak Expectations, and was pleased to find that a third series was recorded by the BBC in June. The air date is yet to be announced.

Tony Head is apparently returning as the evil Mr. Gently Benevolent, despite being killed at the end of the first series. And again at the end of the second series.
In the new Series Three - coming soon to Radio 4 - all seems well in the life of Pip Bin. His evil guardian Mr Gently Benevolent has been killed again and he has found true love with his wife Ripely and true happiness with his beloved family and friends. Everything is properly splendid, and surely for the duration of series 3 it will continue that way, won't it? No! Because in a ghastly incident at a seance the spirit of the evil Mr Benevolent reappears to wreak more havoc on everything that is noble, Victorian and English!

I can't wait.