Sunday, August 1, 2010

I Predicted Right

I was recently listening to Come Together by The Beatles, with a view to suggesting Macaroni Penguins give it a bash, and in listening to the dissection of the master tapes (well worth a listen BTW), it was eerily spooky to hear John Lennon singing "Shoot Me" in the intro, somewhat predicting the method of his death.

This comes after I was similarly spooked when listening to Free World by Kirsty MacColl, where she sings: "You've got to get in to the water / Like a lamb goes to the slaughter", (which I always thought was a bit of an odd lyric when she was alive) again presaging the events of her death.

Any other songs where the singer predicts their own demise? I don't recall Elvis, for instance, singing the lyric: "I'm gonna die in the toilet / Full of drugs and cheeseburgers".