Monday, August 8, 2011

Gotta Catch 'Em All

"Fade to Black"
From 6th July 2011 to 7th September 2011 there are 60 decorated gorilla statues roaming the (mostly) Bristol area. (See the Wow! Gorillas page for for details).

We're now half way through their visit and I've managed to collect 53 out of 60. You can see my efforts in my Facebook photo gallery. (Facebook registration not required).

So I'm missing 7:
  • Gorilla 5 ("Sky Gorilla"), Anchor Square, Bristol Harbour.
  • Gorilla 9 ("Willard"), A Marriott Hotel Lobby, Bristol.
  • Gorilla 25 ("Elvis"), Bristol Bus Station.
  • Gorilla 26 ("Hubert"), Holiday Inn, Bristol.
  • Gorilla 29 ("Ape Scape"), Bristol Airport.
  • Gorilla 40 ("Winston"), Avon Gorge Hotel, Bristol.
  • Gorilla 60 ("Guerilla Tourist"), Birmingham(!) Coach Station.
I missed #5 on my visit to Bristol Harbour - I think it must have been obscured by a fairground ride that was there.

I foolishly thought that the Marriott Hotel City Centre would be the one by The Centre, but it turns out that that's the Marriott Royal Hotel, and the City Centre one is at Broadmead (I suppose that's "City Centre" when compared to Bristol Airport or somewhere). So I ended up at the wrong hotel. (Although #9 is in the Broadmead one from today).

I don't usually happen to pass through Bristol Airport on my day-to-day travels, but I might be able to get out there sometime in the next month to collect #29.

But Birmingham seems a bit of a way to go. Although I know the closer I get to completing the set the more I will feel compelled to make a trip up to Brum.

But there maybe a solution. Apparently Gorilla #61 ("Doris") is currently floating around Bristol Harbour on the prow of The Matthew, and was organised too late to make it on to the official maps. So there may be hope of sneakily collecting 60 Gorillas after all.

Update 2011-09-04: I'm now on 59/61 - only #29 and #60 to get!

Update 2011-09-06: I went to Bristol Airport and collected #29 today. 60/61.

Update 2011-09-25: I finally collected "Guerilla Tourist" today, now that he's outside Bristol Zoo and no longer in Birmingham. 61/61.